Who Can Become a Hadoop Professionals?

There are no predefined or stringent prerequisites to learn Hadoop, but comprehensive Hadoop training can help you get a Big data Hadoop job if you have the readiness to build a career in Big Data Domain. It’s a wrong belief that only professionals with familiarity in Java programming background are suitable for learning Big Data Hadoop Training Course or joining a career in this domain. An elementary knowledge of any programming language like Java, C++ or Python, and Linux is always an additional advantage. Since Hadoop ecosystem has other components like Pig, Hive, and HBase which do not need Java knowledge, Hadoop can be definitely adopted by anyone.

Whether you are a Java expert or a software testing engineer or business intelligence proficient, there is no argument that the fact of the big data technologies are becoming a common accompaniment. So, you need to look afar and elevate to the challenges of big data technologies. Any graduates targeting to build their career in big data and Hadoop can join for Big Data Hadoop Training Course.


Big Data Hadoop Course will be advantageous for:

  • Software Developers and Architects
  • Experts with analytics and data management profile
  • Business Intelligence Career
  • Project Managers
  • Data Scientists


The core processing framework of Hadoop is MapReduce and this has been executed in Java but other modules like Pig and Hive have their own scripts which are relatively easy when matched to languages like Java. They use MapReduce in abstraction, so knowledge of SQL is very supportive since Hive in Hadoop is inspired by SQL.

Pig is a scripting semantic in Hadoop and is very easy to implement when compared with Java Map-Reduce.

System administrators can acquire some Java skills as well as cloud services management skills to start functioning with Hadoop installation and operations.

DBAs and ETL data architects can pick up Apache Pig and interrelated technologies to develop, operate, and optimize the massive data flows going into the Hadoop system.

BI analysts can study SQL and Hive and R and Python to wrangle, analyze, and visualize the data collated within Hadoop.

The following individuals are able to become a Big Data Hadoop Professional:- Java developers, Architects, Big Data professionals, or anyone who is considering to building a career in Big Data and Hadoop.