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Solve storage problems with our motorized closet organizers and free luxury closet designs. Create extra storage space you've dreamed about.

The Closet Carousel creates the extra storage space you've always dreamed about. If you have a minimum closet size of 4'6" by 6', our walk in closet organizer will make your existing closet space more efficient and your new closet space both practical and luxurious.The Closet Carousel comes with easily adjustable single or double tier hanging track, handbags and other accessories, as well as specially designed shoe racks. The Closet Carousel is ideal for the elderly and physically challenged, and it's perfect for walk in closets, attic spaces and sloped-roof applications and everything is neatly organized and your clothes hang freely, putting an end to wrinkled garments. CONTACT US TODAY FOR A FREE CLOSET DESIGN!

Address : 150 E. 69th Street, Suite 22G, New York, NY 10021

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  • Company name: The Closet Carousel
  • Country: United States
  • Address: 150 E. 69th Street, Suite 22G
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