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Bad smelling feet isn't something that people like to hear about or have. Myco Nuker Having smelly feet is quite embarrassing, especially when you have to take your shoes off in front of many people.

Foot odour is very unpleasant. Some people say it smells like rotten cheese and others say it smells like rubbish. Smelly feet smell bad no matter which way you look at it. A lot of people are related to or know someone with bad foot odour.

People have many different ways of hiding foot odor. Spraying perfume or neutralising spray on their feet is only a source of temporary relief. Shoes that restrict air flow are no good when it comes to removing foot odours.

Sweat is the main thing that makes our feet smell bad. Bad smelling feet is mainly due to sweat building up in our shoes and in our socks. The sweat is usually trapped in the socks or the insides of the shoes and after a long period of time the smells start to come out.<

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  • Company name: 2016
  • Country: Austria
  • Address: hay slam
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