Flutazolam (Coreminal)

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Flutazolam (Coreminal) are privileged benzodiazepine analogue possessing an outstanding range of important medicinal and pharmaceutical properties including uses as gastrin/cholecystokinin-B antagonists, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic agent, anti-HIV, and HIV-Tat antagonist, oxytocin antagonist, anti-ischemic agents, neuroprotective effect; and antitrypanosomal activity. In addition, the treatment of neurologic disorders such as Down’s syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease has been successfully completed by employing these heterocyclic families. Several palladacycle complexes derived from flutazolam were found to be potent antitumor agents, whilst another benzodiazepine surrogates were used as antileishmanial agents. But Flutazolam and its analogues are predominantly active in the central nervous system. For example, it has been reported potent nonpeptidal receptor antagonist of the peptide hormone cholecystokinin, the selective cholecistoki

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