Not Mobile Friendly Website? You are Losing Sales

With the increasing sales of phones and tablets across the globe mobile device usage has become very important. Moreover, people frequently take online route to search about the product, services, review about the product or services that they are going to acquire. When they search from mobile or tablet device they should be able to see the website and navigate through it effortlessly.

New research on the small business website suggests that 33% of the small businesses surveyed did not have a mobile-friendly website. Those entrepreneurs and business owners spend the time and money to design & develop a website are leaving money on the table if that website does not accommodate mobile users.

More and More people are shopping with mobile devices

Use of Mobile devices overtook desktop users a few years back as the device for choice for online shopping. The results are telling:

è Time spent shopping on mobile devices( Both app and website): 55%

è Smartphones:44%

è Tablets: 11%

è Time spent shopping for desktops and laptops: 45%

For small & medium size business, not having a mobile-friendly website can negatively impact sales and bottom line. If mobile users find your User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) clunky, hard to navigate, cluttered, you may experience a decline in mobile sales.

Web Traffic from mobile

Statistics from leading analytics firm Internet Retailer suggests that worldwide online traffic to North American websites (31.3%) came from mobile devices. That figure has definitely increased in recent years. The figure keeps increasing as year pass by. Slightly, over half of the traffic (51%) arose from organic search: a third originated from users entering URLs into the browser.

Make sure Website works on thumb clicks

With many people using their smartphones to check out & shop online, your mobile-friendly website must cater to this trend. An avid phone user may want to navigate the website with only his or her “phone hand”. You need to make sure that site’s user can get where they need to go by thumb-clicking the links.

Build a simple & uncluttered mobile site

You won’t get many conversions from your website if the layout is cluttered and unfussy. Keep in mind that people stay on landing page for a few seconds at most to see if a site can meet their need and requirement. If your site is a big jumble of text and graphics, it’s hard for users to scroll through the identify what they need. On smartphones and other small devices, readability is even more critical. No one wants to squint. Too many bells and whistles not only make your sire load more slowly but also distract viewers from your key message and information.

Don’t forget to leave plenty of white space throughout your site. These free areas give the reader’s eyes a chance to take in other elements and help them recover from processing so much visual information.

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