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Since 1984, Kingsway Christian College has formed a good reputation for delivering a dynamic educational foundation for life, in addition to keeping our commitment to a Christ-centred method to learning. We are motivated to furnish a learning programme to your daughter or son that is rooted on the understanding that every child has the advantage to achieve. We value all our families and encourage parents to eventually become an integral part of our school community accordingly take part to the development of your child's abilities.

We strongly believe that our goal for existing is to honour, value and support all the children in our care. We have committed to maximizing value to each child with the help of the regulation of programmes that are created to support, cultivate and build up their lives. Kingsway Christian College aims to open new doors for every child by acknowledging and promoting personal interests, talents and needs.

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  • Company name: Kingsway Christian College
  • Country: Australia
  • Address: 157 Kingsway Darch, WA 6065
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