Jamis Coda Comp 2018

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The Jamis Coda Comp 2018 is the up-specced version of the ever-popular Coda Sport: itís made from lighter weight steel with an alloy fork, but retains all of the Coda Sportís appeal. Itís a go-to bike for city commuters who want something thatís durable, practical and rides smoothly. It also makes a great bike for rail trails or even some touring. And itís got an ďX-factorĒ that none of us here at Velo can really explain: when people throw a leg over this bike, they just like it. We donít really have to sell these bikes, they sell themselves.

    Company Information

  • Company name: Velo Cycles
  • Country: Australia
  • Address: 815 Nicholson St
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