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  • Solar Power Equipment & Hydroponic Supplies

  • Beacontron is a premier alternative energy solutions & hydroponics supply company providing a wide range of products from top manufacturers. Our product lines include solar power equipment, wind power & microhydro systems, solar panels, inverters &  batteries. We also carry marine & RV power equipment. Our hydroponics division carries a wide range of hydroponics and indoor gardening equipment, supplies and solar power kits.

    Products Include:

    Battery Backup Solar Power Systems, Cables & Wiring, Charge Controllers, Deep Cycle Batteries, Electrica Meters, Electrical Enclosures, Inverter Power Panels, Inverters, Lighting & Fans, Portable Power Systems, Solar Panel Mounts, Solar Panels, Solar Power Systems, Solar Water Pumps, Voltage Converters, Wind Turbines  ,Air Purifiers, Aquaponic Systems, Fertilizer, Fluorescent Lighting, Garden Accessories, Grow Light Ballasts, Grow Light Bulbs, Grow Tents & Tarps,

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  • Garden Fence

  • Anping Tenglu Metal Wire Mesh Co.,LTD

    Garden Fence 

    It has simple structure, good outlook and easy installation. It is suitable for fencing of mountain land, slope, bending area and various land situations.




    1. Wire fence panel:200x50mm x2.5m Long x Different Height of the road side fence

    2. Wire diameter of the road side fence: 4mm or 5mm

    3. The round pipe of the fence:50x70mm x1.0m or Square Pipe:40x60x1.5mm with difference fix material.

    4. The pipe of the road side fence all will be with plastic cover in the top also the pipe can be with plate.

    5. Surface treatment of the road side fence: galvanized or powder paint color as customers' requirement.




    1. Simple structure, Beautiful and practical.

    2. Easy for transport. Simple installation in various land si

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  • Weld Mesh Fencing

  • Anping Tenglu Metal Wire Mesh Co.,LTD
    Weld Mesh Fencing
    Weld mesh fencing is a time proven, long lasting, reliable and inexpensive way to facilitate your fencing needs. Light weight, strong and flexible in its uses. Galvanized or powder coated to the colour of your choice.

    Weld mesh Fencing is custom designed to blend into its surroundings and environment. We recommend weld mesh for many applications including residential, school fencing, ovals and reserves-it is an ideal boundary or perimeter fencing due to its strength, making it almost vandal resistant.

    Weld mesh Fencing Applications include:
    • Garden fencing
    • Pool fencing
    • Security fencing
    • Animal enclosures
    • Trellis
    • Machine guards
    • Pedestrian control
    • Timber posts with weld mesh panels

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