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  • bmk CAS16648-44-5

  • Product name: Benzeneacetic acid



    Appearance:White Crystal Powder

    Shelf life: 24 months

    Storage:Store in cool and dry place,keep away from strong light 

    Monthly capacity:50 Tons



  • Categories: Agricultural Packaging, Food Packaging, Passive Components
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  • Preview picture of product 'PMK CAS13605-48-6'
  • PMK CAS13605-48-6

  • Product Name: PMK Glycidate


    3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate 

    Specification: 98%Min
    Appearance: Off white to pale yellow powder


    Synonyms:3-[3',4'-(methyleendioxy)-2-methyl glycidate;pmk methyl glycidate;methyl 3-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-methyl-2-oxiranecarboxylate;3,4-mdp-2p glycidate pmk


    CAS 13605-48-6


    Application: Pharmaceutical research
    MOQ: 1kg



  • Categories: Food Packaging, Rubber Products, Agricultural Plastic Products
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  • Preview picture of product 'Ace 4 Kebabs Ltd'
  • Ace 4 Kebabs Ltd

  • All products are strictly quality controlled and all batches tested before release.We can make products to your specific requirements and under your own brand should you require. If so, please contact us to learn more

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  • Preview picture of product 'Food Vaccuum Sealer Machine'
  • Food Vaccuum Sealer Machine

  • Keep food fresher and plan meals in advance with a compact, lightweight vacuum food sealer machine from Prep-N-Seal! Air Tight Done Right! Airtight Freshness at the Touch of a Button. Prep-N-Seal Vacuum Sealer has the latest in Vacuum Sealing Technology. Save money and free up storage space in your fridge! Vacuum Seal your foods and items with ease. The Prep-N-Seal has advanced features for maximum control while operating it. Safely and efficiently store food with an airtight, leak-proof seal that reduces freezer burn, holds in the freshness and helps you save money with just a few button presses. Imagine being able to plan out meals in advance so you can reduce food prep time and your monthly grocery bill and all while staying more organized.

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  • Preview picture of product 'Beer Brewing'
  • Beer Brewing

  • Beer making in the entire process is not that difficult process. With a few ingredients and a precise step by step guide to follow, home-made beer will become a reality for you.
    We always fall in love with beer at some time when we constantely trying new tastes and perfumes till people start calling us Beer lovers.

    Beer history runs since times in memorial when Noah got drunk. Yeah that is the story I like. Remember he did not go to a pub to take beer, he was busy. It means that he had made a liquor that had favored him, made him stronger and focus. Does it mean thatís how we have to behave? We all know the story to by our governements, I donít have to keep repeating that.

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  • Preview picture of product 'Red Kidney Beans, Black Eyed Bean, Chick Peas, Yellow Peas '
  • Red Kidney Beans, Black Eyed Bean, Chick Peas, Yellow Peas

  • Primarily we focus on agricultural commodities and trade in Chana (Chick Peas) , Urad (Black Matpe), Moong (Green Mung Bean), Masoor (Red Lentils), Matar (Green Peas/Yellow Peas), Arhar (Toor/Pigeon Pea), Kabuli Chana (Chhola), Rajma(Red Kidney Beans),  Lobhia (Black Eyed Beans / Cow Peas), Dun Peas (Kaspa Variety), Makka (Corn / Maize), Gehun (Wheat), Chawal (Rice), Kaju (Cashew) and more products are sourced directly from the producer from around the world.

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