Doís and Dontís of Magento Theme Development

The era in which we are living demands an captivating e-store with all the required features embedded into it. Magento theme development is an integral part of the above process that requires to develop a website by picking up the best-in-class features.

Undoubtedly, Magento is the leader of the eCommerce industry and plays a major role in creating perfect e-stores with all the required functionality. Plugins and themes are the major pillars of the Magento platform and acts as a big source to beautify your website which is the virtual face of your company.

When speaking technically, the online presence largely depends on your website’s layout and a Magento theme plays a big role in deciding how your website will look at the end of the day. Here arises the need to have a thorough analysis of the theme that you are choosing and focus on few of the essential factors to make a fair decision.

To choose the best theme is an essential step as it influences the overall appearance of your website and envelops your overall brand personality comprising the products, services, objectives, and style of your business.

Below list can be explored to select a theme that will perfectly suit your shopping store-

Responsive: If the website will be responsive, there are more chances that people will hold you, because no one has the time to sit to the laptop and avail any transaction. This will also increase the conversion rate.

Optimized: Only having a good appearance does not go long if your Magento website is not completely optimized. It must contain proper navigation and SEO strategies to make it optimized in all respect and thus to drive sound traffic.

Social Media Savvy: People of today are highly influenced with the social media platforms and love to soak in information form there. So, it is a good effort to put your site’s content to these platforms and gain positive results.

Browser Compatible: A good Magento theme is one that is compatible with all the major browsers. If you will put some extra effort in making your website compatible for all the available browsers, it will be much ease for the visitors to reach you.

Conversion-oriented: The ultimate goal of a Magento website is to sell its products and services at its best. So, it is better in such scenario to have a clear theme so that point of conversion can be easily reached.

User-friendly: You are going right way if the Magento theme that you possess, is user-friendly with an easy interface. This allows to have ease in getting information about the products, order placement and the payment.

Based on Latest Technology: A theme built on the latest technology is the most preferred so that your online store will stand ahead of the crowd with a better ranking.


Being a business owner, it is obvious that you will wish for the best-in-class resources to take out the best results from your eCommerce website. Those who wish for a strong web presence and boosted traffic must take into account the importance of having a pretty and fully- functional website to achieve the same. Magento theme development is the best practice when you want perfect results in terms of look-and-feel, traffic and ROI. If you choose the best theme, its advantages can be reflected well in your business results.