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In San Jose metro area Credit Repair San Jose have around 51.3% of people with poor ( 550 - 649 ) or very poor credit score ( 350 - 550 ). Just 30.1% of population in San Jose has Excellent credit score ( 750 - 850 ). There is no quick fix for a bad credit score. If you are serious about credit repair, the first step to credit restoration is choosing a legitimate credit repair company in San Jose CA. Call our local number 831-704-8568 and learn how to clean up your credit report, improve your credit score and choose a reputable San Jose credit repair company. Get a free credit repair consultation today.

  • Unit: 20 container
  • Price per Unit: 10.00 USD
  • Minimal Purchase Amount: 10
  • Category: Banking & Finance

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  • Company name: Credit Repair San Jose
  • Country: United States
  • Address: 605 E Trimble Rd
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