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Irvine, California (companies21) January 7, 2017 - A goodnight's sleep can make or break the travel. Travellers with neck and back pain issues are much more susceptible to pain when it comes to travelling. So, Back-Pal offers "Inflatable Neck Pillow for just $12.99" with Free Shipping for Prime Members!

Back-Pal Travel Neck Pillows are designed that supports your neck and head in a natural position. The spokesperson added, "We are extremely happy to say that "Back-Pal's Inflatable Neck Pillow" has been now recognized as the best-selling product in Some passengers are not able to reach the seat headrest and even if they do, the headrest is hardly comfortable; it might be hard or lumpy. In such cases, Back-Pal Travel Neck Pillow supports the neck to make the traveling experience comfortable."

Back-Pal Travel Neck Pillows are made from memory foam. The U shape design supports the head perfectly. The camel-back shape helps to prevent the head from swaying side to side and supports the head and neck in a more comfortable upright position. This light-weight pillow comes with a flocking fabric bag and an alternative waterproof bag for beach& pool use. This neck pillow is very suitable for taking a nap, watching TV, even in pools and beaches. This is an excellent gift for anybody. The product comes with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

The spokesperson concludes the media meet by stating, "Many chiropractors, physical therapists, and medical doctors recommend neck pillows for their patients with neck pain. If you are seeing a doctor or therapist for neck pain, ask for their opinion on what type of neck pillow and office chair back support may be right for you."

He also continued, "Apart from any specific medical recommendations, personal preference might be the deciding factor when choosing one design over another. Back-Pal Pillows and Lumbar Back Support for Office Chairs are suggested and recommended by many physical therapists as these pillows are designed to eliminate muscle tension and reduce restlessness, and it is best for travelling in plane, train, car, ship or bus and also for use of neck support anywhere you like."

This product has received many positive reviews on One of the happy customers of Back-Pal delightedly stated, "The inflatable neck pillow from Back-Pal is really a life saver! I just used it on the plane yesterday and it really enhanced my flight experience. I would highly recommend this neck pillow for all your travel needs! I received this product at a discounted rate, in exchange for an honest review."

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