5 Travel Destinations With A Great Exchange Rate For Aussie Travelers

There are several factors that affect the selection of the best travel destination. But how much this trip is going to cost you is a major concern. Figuring out the budget and then planning trip within that budget is a key to a successful trip without breaking your bank. But choosing the right destination with a great exchange rate can really make a big difference. It’s very simple and profitable option as all you’ve to do is search countries where your currency is getting strong.

For example, the AUD has been translated an excellent value so it is relatively stable. That’s why in many countries the Aussie dollars is appreciated. It means you can get the best exchange rate in those countries that currencies have fallen against the Aussie dollars. Now it is a great opportunity and right time for Aussie travelers to explore the beautiful places at cheaper prices. In article, you’ll find the 5 travel destinations with a great exchange rate for Aussie travelers.

Here are the best places where AUD do best so you can travel while saving a hefty sum.


Some past few years have been good for Aussie travelers for visiting the beautiful country Ukraine because AUD has gone up to 60% against the Ukrainian hryvnia. So it has become one of top travel destination with the best exchange rate for the Aussie travelers. Ukraine is a beautiful and genuine travel frontier where you can find a lot of beautiful churches, colorful traditions and beautiful places.


After Ukrainian hryvnia, Argentina Peso is another interesting currency which has fallen about 35% against the Aussie dollar. That’s why it is the best time for the Aussie travelers to explore the beautiful cities of Argentina and see the stunning Iguazu Falls, Perito Moreno glaciers, tango dance and many other world class destinations and things.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom one of the most preferred travel destination of the travelers has now become a travel bargain for the Aussie travelers. UK is an expensive country but now it’s a great opportunity for the Aussie budget travelers because now they can buy 56 pence for 1 AUD. So it’s the best time to take a ride to the European destinations but don’t forget to shop around for the best currency exchange in MelbourneBooking flights and accommodation in advance is a good way to save a lot more few bucks.


Indonesia is considered an ideal beach holiday destination for travelers and now it has become a more attractive option for the Aussie travelers. Because it’s currency rupiah has fallen about 13% against Australian dollar. It means Australian travelers can buy 8.89% more of rupiah for AUD so you’ll enjoy a great exchange rate. Cost effective flights, accommodation and travel deals will make your Bali trip cheaper and memorable. So, it’s a great opportunity for Australian travelers to go on shopping spree in Bali and Jakarta and swap Aussie dollars for real.

United States

Another best currency for getting the best exchange rate for Aussie dollars is US dollars. Australian dollar rising 21% over the American dollar has made US the best choice for Australian travelers. USA is a huge country having 50 states, beautiful cities and popular travel points so there are many places to visit and things to do. That’s why US is one of the most favorite destination. So, it’s the best time to visit America and be sure to do a search for cheap flights and accommodation to get the best deals. Find the best exchange rate to get the more bucks for your bank.